Our vision is to be the leading provider of transformative
digital asset, artificial intelligence, and mobile payment
solutions to the Sports industry.


Our mission is to provide participants with the ability to
create new & profitable digital economies while increasing
fan engagement.

Revenue Sources

Payment Fees

Subscription Fees

Minting NFTs


Colleges, Universities & Collectives

Talent Management Agencies

Sporting Events & Tournaments

Sports Venue Owners and Professional & Collegiate Teams

Sports Entertainment Businesses

Independent Sports Venues

Non-Provisional Patent Filings

STAKS Rewards™

Systems & methods for attributing value to objects and user incentive points using blockchain monetization techniques


Non-fungible tokens for stadium seats & tickets

STAKSfan™ & STAKSathlete™

Network-based discovery and interaction

Take the arena with you!

We’re building a platform where fan experience is KING.