STAKSfan & STAKSathlete
NIL Marketplace Mobile Apps

Improve the user experience by offering an innovative platform that houses all the tools required for fan engagement and easy consumer payments. According to a global survey of leaders in the sports industry, 80% of them stated that improving the on-site and online experience for fans was the most relevant initiative to facilitate relationships with their fan communities.

Source: Statista

STAKS Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for NIL

Utilize blockchain technology to offer customers greater protection and authenticity in their purchases and transactions while opening new streams of revenue for creators and owners. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sports media generated $2.6 billion in transactions in 2022, more than double the figure for 2021.

Source: Market Decipher

STAKS Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for Adjacent Sports Markets

Create a new digital marketplace along with the tools needed for creators and owners/operators to offer their fans an unprecedented experience. The market for “Smart Stadiums”, a term for venues utilizing digital and automated technology solutions to provide personalized and streamlined experiences for fans at venues, is expected to reach $19.3 billion by 2027.

Source: Research & Markets

Partnership Benefits

Create a platform for schools to generate NIL deals for its student-athletes while generating positive income for the school, its athletic departments, & teams.

Enable participating schools to differentiate themselves from other athletic programs & teams.

Leverage the team’s and athletic department’s public relations and social media staff to maximize the value of its student-athlete and team generated content.

Utilize the professional photo studios many schools have dedicated to their teams and athletic departments to make this offering a standard part of every student-athlete’s initial onboarding process and relationship with the team & school.

Two NFT Business Models

Scarcity NFT Business

  •  Original Artwork Framed & Digitally Scanned 
  •  Digital Collectibles/Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  •  Smart Contract w/ Additional Properties
    (e.g., signed sneakers, basketball shoot-around, game tickets, etc.)

Estimated Market Potential = $5,000 average sales per D1 student-athlete @ 3 sales each = $15,000 per athlete

Volume NFT Business

  •  AI-Generated Artwork (Poster or Trading Card) 
  •  Digital Collectibles/Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 
  •  Smart Contract w/ Additional Properties (TBD)

Estimated Market Potential = $10 average sales per D1 student-athlete @ 100 sales each = $1,000 per athlete