Miami, Florida & Nashville, Tennessee – November 29, 2022 – What does the future of sports look like? And what leads sports industry executives to believe that we are about to experience the 21st century version of “The Roaring 20s”?

In a new article, published today on the STAKS website at, sport business industry pioneer Rick Horrow and co-author Scott Pranger, the founder and CEO of Nashville-based digital asset/payment leader STAKS, define the common ground for our current post-pandemic world and the world of 100 years ago, what has come to be known as the Roaring 20s.

“Though nothing is ever certain, we can confidently look forward to a 21st century Roaring 20s, thanks to what we know about the last one,” the co-authors stated in the article. “The 20th century version followed a global pandemic, and the pent-up demand to gather again fueled economic expansion, both generally and specifically with respect to mass entertainment forms and venues – including the establishment of the golden age of sport. The easing of a pandemic that took 675,000 American lives in 1918 to 1919 can be credited with the remarkable attendance records quickly established in baseball and boxing, and the building of new venues for gathering – from ballparks like Yankee Stadium to movie palaces around the nation.”

Noting that the future of sports is “shaping up to be more interactive than you might think, especially for spectators on the sidelines. Who stands to gain as borders evaporate, new forms of competition take center stage and consumer preferences evolve—and how,” Pranger and Horrow reviewed five areas that will define the next 50 quarters of sports, and how to capitalize on these trends moving forward. Those five areas include:

· Esports and gaming.

· Payments and currency.

· Web 3.0.

· Venues and facilities; and

· Globalization.

“Fans are going to be more involved with their favorite teams than ever, and they’ll be able to support and even make money backing their favorite athletes,” the writers stated. “Both sides will need an ecosystem or platform that supports these interactions.”

Drawing from the fully revised and expanded paperback second edition of The Sport Business Handbook, written and edited by Horrow with essays and contributions from over 120 major industry figures, Pranger and Horrow’s article, “The Five Areas that will Define the Next 50 Quarters of Sports” was published today at

Written by one of the leaders who created the sport business industry as it is known today, The Sport Business Handbook, published by Human Kinetics last month and available at Amazon and other bookstores, is Horrow’s treatise on the history of the past 50 years of sports business written by the people who built the industry and taking those perspectives to predict what’s ahead for the next 50 years. More than a history book, Horrow has compiled a tome of practical knowledge and foresight incorporating the entrepreneurial mindset and expert testimony of his peers as well as legendary sports personalities.

The fully revised and expanded paperback second edition of The Sport Business Handbook combines that enlightening and engaging history with post-COVID-19 pandemic findings that set the stage for the future of the industry.

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